It is better to prevent than to heal

The objective of this web site is to provide  the necessary tools to help heal or prevent injuries.

The fundamental principle that helps in preventing injuries and  in accelerating healing is the following: 

The best way to help our body recuperate from most injuries is to optimize mobility. If every joint and every muscle participate sufficiently in each movement, our body will better understand how to promote the healing process.  Ideal mobility also prevents tissue fatigue which contributes greatly to most non-traumatic injuries.

However, it is extremely important to respect the severity of the injury. The healing process can be delayed if the treatments and the advice are too aggressive. The person must always respect his or her tolerance to pain.

No pain, no gain is often a dangerous way of thinking.


Every individual and every injury are different. It is important to consult a physician before following the advice or trying the stretches and/or exercises on this site.

Thank you and enjoy your reading

Dr Simon Aboumerhi



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